When making plans to see South Africa, you’re no doubt going to have a lot of options to explore. While you consider what you would like to do, focus your attention to the heart of Waterberg. This is where you’re going to find an incredible amount of natural wonders, as it’s near Thabazimbi. This is a location that is known for iron ore mining, and has been a showcase of amazing destinations, specifically for those that want to see what South Africa has to offer in terms of natural splendor.

Getting To South Africa

The first thing that you will need to do is get some airfare. You’re going to want to fly into the region. You can fly into South Africa and then get a regional solution that services Thabazimbi. You cannot fly directly into this area, but don’t worry, you can always find an airport nearby, which is Ellisras Matimba Airport. It’s roughly 137 KM away, and a small journey from the central airports that serve the rest of South Africa. This is not a complicated route, and can garner an easy trip if you book ahead of schedule.

Currency Element

For those that are going to be spending some time, and of course money in Thabazimbi, you’ll need to know what the currency of the area is. The currency is the South African Rand. The exchange rate for this can vary from denomination to denomination, but the most common way to figure this out is to compare United States Dollars to Rand. The exchange rate as of this writing is, 13.61 to 1. That means that if you have a dollar, you’ll have roughly 13.61 Rand in exchange, which is not bad for those that want to stretch their budget a little. It’s a strong currency, mind you, but it still wavers from time to time, so it’s imperative to exchange your cash when you arrive to get the bets rates.

Finding Places To Stay Near Thabazimbi

Those that are interested in staying near Thabazimbi should not worry too much. There are a lot of different luxury and quaint spots to stay at. There’s both high-end resort type offerings, camping solutions, ranches, and more. No matter what kind of experience you want on your adventure, you’ll find a spot to rest your head, and take a night off if you’d like. There are some that include spa services, and much more.

These are just a few notes that you may want to consider as you look into traveling to South Africa and enjoying the natural beauty of the countryside and more.


Thabazimbi Travel Notes