Thabazimbi is a location that many people have on their maps to visit. This is a location in South Africa that features a beautiful array of creatures, natural splendor, and so much more. You’ll find that on your trip here, you’ll want to explore the various natural wonders that await, including game and nature preserves that will no doubt give you a picture of the region that you will not find anywhere else. Whether it’s your first time visiting South Africa, or you are returning, you’ll find that the following options are well worth exploring on a deeper level.

Marakele Animal Sanctuary

The first option that you’ll want to explore is that animal sanctuary that is near Marakele National Park. This is a location where you’ll find animals that are being rehabilitated, peaceful, and more. This is an animal sanctuary that has a great deal of small animals, and predators that will no doubt astonish. You can even touch some of the animals, and feed some of the smaller ones, allowing you to see a beautiful array of natural creatures.

Karongwe Private Game Reserve

Another option that you may want to look into is that of Korongwe Game Reserve which is in Limpopo, South Africa. This is a location that has a great deal of animals throughout this area. You could get a luxury accommodation here, go on a gaming trip, or you could simply watch for the leopards that are going throughout the reserve. You’ll find that this a mix of nature and luxury elements that are definitely worth exploring.

Kololo Game Reserve

Kololo Game Reserve is an interesting option to explore in the Limpopo region. It’s here that you’re going to find lions, leopards, elephants, rhino, and buffalo. You can work through safaris, get guided tours, and much more. You can even get on horseback and follow trails, and see the beauty and splendor that is found in this region.

These are just 3 of the many game and nature preserves that are near Thabazimbi. Working with a safari trip-planning guide will help make sure you visit the best spots and that you have access to the reserve you plan to visit. You’re going to find that this is a beautiful area that will embrace you with natural views, and so much more that will no doubt give you an incredible experience. Whether you want to take a vacation from the modern, or you simply want to see what South Africa’s natural wonders are all about, you’ll find that you can travel through the preserves and game areas near Thabazimbi and see so much, with ease.


Game and Nature Preserves Near Thabazimbi